Dudhwa Bird Festival 2018

Dudhwa Bird Festival 2018

UP Bird Festival at Dudhwa National Park from 9 Feb - 11 Feb 2018

 Dudhwa Bird Festival 2018 Three-day bird festival with many sour-sweet memories ended on Sunday. The CM did not come, but the number of indigenous and foreign bird experts has definitely increased. In the area of ??Chambal which wasalmost cut off from the rest of the world, bird lovers of the country and the world were seen strolling in the hands to capture the picture of birds for large cameras. The organizer is specializing in developing eco tourism in UP. The next Bird Festival will be held in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Lakhimpur Kheri.

Dudhwa Bird Festival 2018

Chambal Century is the most sought after for the protection of birds. As it is safe, it is the top in terms of environment. The view here is also amazing. The most special thing is that there are many species of birds here. This essay came out on Sunday at the closing ceremony of the Second International Bird Festival in Jarar on Sunday. All bird experts from India and abroad say that the Chambal area is full of immense possibilities. Dudhwa Bird Festival 2018 - Dudhwa Birding Tour

The Bird Festival will be held in different parts of the UP. After two years in Chambal, the next Bird Festival will be held in Dudhwa National Park, Lakhimpur Kheri. This proposal was also given by Forest Department consultant and organizer of Bird Festival RP Singh. With this possibility, the PCCF SK Upadhyay of the Forest Department did not rule out. The immense possibilities of eco-tourism in the U.Experts have put their views on the protection of birds. Mow chant on how to promote eco tourism in UP along with the protection of birds. Bird experts in the workshop organized during this time said that this kind of organizing event in UP reflects Chambal's immense possibilities. Chambal Century area is very safe for birds and environmentally better.

Birds experts also express concern about species of extinct birds. Especially emphasized on the protection of the Schemer River, River Turn, Greatthinkee. Apart from this, the framework for the conservation of stork and Indian skimmer is outlined. Bird specialty called Chambal as his first choice for bird watching. Also, talking about raising resources to promote eco tourism here. Finally, concluding the announcement by Forest Department MD SK Upadhyay.

The three day festival emphasized the protection of birds. Chorus was also promoted on eco-tourism. The summary which has come out will be made known to the state government.

RP Singh, Program Convenor and Forest Advisor, State Government

The biggest thing in Chambal is that there is no ghat. This is a safe place for Bird's life. Here is nesting and many species of birds are found. After coming here and knowing the opinions of bird experts, we have learned a lot. - Jyotsna Shetty, Delhi

It was a very golden opportunity. There is no better place for word reading than this. Chambal Century enjoyed three days. With such events, the name of the region increases and there is a lot of potential for development.

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